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Dryers are helpful additions to your laundry routine. No need to beat fluffy towels or sweaters for immediate drying; all you have to do is put it in the dryer. But when your trusty dryer malfunctions, you’ll need help from dryer repair services in Salt Lake City.

Laundry day doesn’t stop just because the dryer did. Fast, in-house dryer repair services in Millcreek and West Valley spare you from loads of laundry piling up due to broken units.

Best Home Appliance understands the frustration that comes with malfunctioning dryers. We take the burden off your shoulders by attending to all dryer-related concerns.

Our focus is to get your unit in good working condition.

Experienced professionals can deliver quality results when it comes to broken dryer repair in West Valley and Millcreek. Our dryer repairmen possess years of on-the-job experience. They have years of experience providing dryer repair services, ensuring your unit gets the right approach so it’s restored in no time.

No need to worry about the malfunctioning dryer; we take your worries away with our broken dryer repair services in Millcreek and West Valley.

Broken dryer repair in West Valley and Millcreek gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Our team identifies and fixes the problems before your unit breaks down completely.

 We offer discounts to military personnel and for jobs with multiple appliances. Give us a call today.

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Not Enough Heat, No Heat, Loud Noises, Scraping Sounds, Burning Smells - By not paying attention to the unusual noises of your dryer, or if your dryer isn't heating well enough and you just "deal with it," the result will likely be more expensive than if you had called at the sign of an original problem. Often in appliances, one problem will lead to another. Our professional service technicians can deal with your issues quickly and efficiently!

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  • Lint Filter – After every load, the lint filter in the dryer must be cleaned. A clean dryer filter will allow good air flow, causing the dryer to dry in a quicker, more efficient fashion.
  • Vent Cleaning – If your dryer vent is plugged with lint, it can become less efficient, and will have to work harder. We suggest you clean out your vent at least once yearly. A plugged or dirty dryer vent is a major cause of house fires.
  • Moisture Sensor for Saving Energy – Many dryers come with a moisture sensor setting . This senses when the clothes are dry and automatically shuts off the dryer. The purpose of this function is to conserve energy so that your dryer is not running more than necessary. Typically, this function is listed as the "Auto-Dry" setting on the dryer.
  • Kinked Dryer Vent Hose This is a very common heating problem in dryers. If your Vent Hose is kinked, it will restrict air flow, and can also build up with lint much faster. This is a big cause of problems in dryers, and can easily burn out the element.
  • Check Your Circuit Breaker –Often when your dryer won't turn on, it means the Breaker has flipped. Check this before scheduling a service call to avoid unnecessary costs and repairs.

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