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  • Metal in your Microwave – Never put metal items in the microwave, INCLUDING TWIST TIES! They will spark and burn up, possibly ruining your microwave.
  • Cleaning Inside – Food can become stubborn to clean off inside a microwave. We suggest putting a microwaveable cup or bowl with water and lemon juice in the microwave. Run it for approx 2 to 4 minutes. This will soften any hardened food, making it easier to clean.
  • Containers   Some Containers you use in your microwave may not be "microwaveable". Make sure you check these items before use to avoid ruining them or your microwave.
  • Keeping it Clean    Keeping the interior of your microwave as clean as possible will extend the life, and will keep it looking nice in your kitchen.
  • Water-Based Foods  Foods, like soups, that require a lot of water do not generally cook well in microwaves. They can boil over and cause a huge mess.  Use your stove or oven for meals made with water.

Call Us If You Detect:

Microwave isn't Heating, Food is only getting Partially Cooked, Sparking, Won't Start or the Touchpad Won't Respond, any Loud Noise or Burning Smell - Because Microwaves deal with heat and a lot of electricity, they should be monitored carefully while running. Call Best Home Appliance right away if you detect any serious issues to avoid a dangerous situation.



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