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Refrigerator Repair Service

If your fridge isn’t running, that’s no joke. Costly meats, dairy products and other perishables have a short shelf life if not properly cooled. There are many things that can go wrong with a refrigerator, from a minor glitch like a connector issue to something major like a failing motor. Inspecting and repairing machines that depend on coolants, water and electricity to function is dangerous—leave it to the pros at Best Home Appliance. We prioritize fridge complaints because we know you’re watching your gourmet fare literally go down the drain and you deserve immediate attention from experts. Call Us today for excellent Refrigerator Repair Service!

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Refrigerator Repair

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Not Cooling or Freezing, Not Cold Enough, Too Cold, Loud Noises, Leaking Water, Strange Smells - If your refrigerator is not cold enough, eventually it will quit working completely. Avoid costly food purchases and refrigerator replacement by calling us before the problem gets worse! Our professional service technicians can deal with your issues quickly and efficiently!

  • Fridge Door Seals – A broken or sagging seal on a fridge door will allow cold air to escape, making your refrigerator work harder and become less efficient. Check your fridge seal, and freezer seals occasionally to see if they are broken or sagging. We can easily replace a bad seal, and get your refrigerator or freezer running efficiently again.
  • Dirty Coils – As your refrigerator runs, the condenser coils on the bottom or back of the fridge will build up with dust. This often causes cooling problems. A Vacuum Hose or Coil Cleaning Brush is a good way to get your refrigerator running well again.
  • Fridge Temperature – You must make sure the thermostat inside of your fridge is set to the proper setting.  Being set too high or low will cause your fridge to either freeze your food, or make your food too warm. Make sure to adjust your thermostat accordingly.
  • Power Outage – Occasionally your home will have a power outage.  Try to preserve the cold air in your fridge by opening it as little as possible during an outage. Also, If your home has a power surge, it is recommended to turn off your refrigerator until the surge is not an issue. A power surge can burn out your compressor, or other parts in your refrigerator.