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You depend on your stove and oven for a lot, whether it’s boiling water for your morning tea or putting together a batch of cookies for a potluck. It’s the heart of the kitchen and where healthy meals are created. When the stove, oven or both aren’t working well, there’s no need to settle for meals of fast food and junk. There are countless issues that can arise—some of them minor and some of them a pretty big. The only way to find out is with an expert inspection. Sometimes a minor fix or tweak is all that’s necessary, so don’t put off a stove/oven repair by convincing yourself microwaved TV dinners are good enough. You and your loved ones deserve home cooking, and Best Home Appliance can help you get back into the swing of things.

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Tips to Try at Home:

  • Sparking – Sometimes Coils on top of the stove will spark if you have tin foil wrapped around the drip pans. Remove any tin foil from the pans, and from where the coils plug in. It can be dangerous to your stove.
  • Taking Care of a Grease Fire Grease Fires are VERY Dangerous.If the fire is big, call 911 right away. Do NOT use water on a grease fire!!! We also suggest you keep a box of Baking Soda near your stove in case a small grease fire should arise. Baking Soda is an excellent fire retardant.
  • Gas Smells – Gas Leaks in your home should be reported to your Local Gas Company right away. Also, if you can smell natural gas around your stove, first open a window, and then make sure all of the dials are in the "off" position. If they are off, call Best Home Appliance to check your stove. Do NOT cook anything!
  • Self-Cleaning – Self-Cleaning on a stove is a handy option. It can take a lot of work away when time is short. A way to preserve your elements and make cleaning time shorter is to wipe off the racks of excess food and build-up before beginning the clean cycle.

Call Us If You Detect:

Your Stove/Oven is the Wrong Temperature, "Fault Codes", Sparking, Won't Turn on – This is definitely time to call us! Stoves are very important in peoples' lives. But they use elements or gas to get hot, which can be dangerous when not carefully monitored. Don't mess around waiting for something worse to happen. Take care of the problem right away!

Stove/Oven Repair

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