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Our team does quick and effective repairs for all makes and models of washers. They not only have the skills and experience, but the right tools for job, too. Trust our certified professionals to use the latest technologies to provide washer repair services in West Valley and Millcreek.

​Don’t wait for a few pieces of dirty clothes to turn into a pile of laundry because of a broken washer. When it comes to broken washers, we are the name you can trust.

We offer discounts to military personnel and for jobs with multiple appliances. Call us today to learn more on how we can help.

Thanks to fully-functional washers, you can wear your favorite shirt or pair of jeans without unsightly stains. Instead of doing the laundry by hand, your washing machine takes care of the job thoroughly. That’s why when your washer breaks down, you’ll need to find reliable washer repair services in Salt Lake City.

Best Home Appliance is the name to trust for broken washer repairs. We have 25 years of experience working on every major brand. Our team keeps all machines in top shape, sparing you from the headache of dealing with too much laundry.

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Tips to Try at Home:

Call Us If You Detect:

Loud Noises, Leaking Water, Oil Stains, Washer Won't Turn On, Timer Won't Advance, Overflowing, "Fault Codes" – This is definitely time to call us! As with dryers, one problem in a washer can lead to another, more serious, expensive issue.  Please allow us to take care of your problem before it becomes a bigger one!!

  • Mildew and Odors – First of all, don't leave your clothing in your washer. This can cause a mildewy smell, and encourage rusting. Whether you have a top-loading washer, or a frontloader, leave the door to the washer open when you aren't using it. This will allow excess moisture to evaporate. Excess moisture will encourage stale odors and mildew.
  • Don’t Overload – Overloading will create major problems with your washer. It can overwork the internal components, and cause the washer to clean ineffectively. Only fill your washer to 3/4 the size of the drum. This will help avoid costly repairs and cleaning problems.
  • Fabric Softener –Fabric Softener is very waxy, and can build up fast in the dispenser, on the clothing, or in the bottom of your drum. We suggest using 3/4 the recommended amount of Softener, and then topping off the empty space with water. This will help to prevent build-up.
  • Different Detergents – A lot of newer washers now-a-days need a different kind of laundry soap.  Normal top-loading washers with an agitator need the original detergent.  But frontloading washers and high- efficiency top-loaders need "he" soap. If you don't use the correct soap, it can cause your clothes not to get properly cleaned, and may cause long-term problems with your washer.

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