• Run Frequently – Running your garbage disposal frequently with water will actually extend the life. It will prevent rust and corrosion, and will prevent obstructions from settling in place.
  • Using Water – When you grind up your food, make sure to have the cold water running. Why Cold Water? Because this allows Grease and Oil that may have gotten in to solidify, allowing them to be broken up by the blades before reaching the trap.
  • Fruit Peels – Grinding up the Peels from Citrus Fruit (Oranges, Lemons, Etc) will freshen up the bad odors from your disposal and drain pipe, making it smell nice once again.
  • Grease and Oils –Do Not pour excessive oils and grease into the garbage disposal. This will cause a clog not only in the disposal, but also in the drain pipe over time, which will result in a more serious problem.
  • Pastas and Rice –  It is best to avoid putting Rice or Pasta down the garbage disposal. They can expand even further, and/or become sticky and gummy, thus clogging the disposal and drain pipe.

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Leaking, Clogging Up, Abnormal Noises, Won't Turn On, Not Grinding - Your Garbage Disposal is important to keep your pipes clear and unclogged. A broken Garbage Disposal is not only and inconvenience, but can cause more serious plumbing problems if not addressed quickly, Call Best Home Appliance to fix the problem right away!

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